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Martinez-Saez N1, Ullate M.1, Martin-Cabreja M.A.1, Martorell, P.2, Genovés S.2, Ramón D.2, del Castillo M.D1. 1 Institute of Food Science Research (UAM-CSIC). Madrid, Spain. 2Biopolis, S.L. University of Valencia Science Park.Paterna, mail:

Coffee processing produces large amounts of by-products, which have limited applications.Biotechnological applications in the field of industrial residues management promote sustainable development of country’s economy.Value-added products of high significance to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries may be recovered from coffee by-products [1].

The present research aimed to add value to coffee silverskin(CS), roasting coffee by-product, by looking for new innovative applications. Its potential as body fat reduction agent was explored. To the best of our knowledge, a similar study has not been so far undertaken. Conditions for beverage preparation were optimized.

Data on chemical composition and sensorial quality of the new drink were acquired. Health benefits were evaluated in vivo and in vitro. Beverage antioxidant properties were determined in vitro while the effect on body fat accumulation was undertaken in vivo employing as animal model C.elegans.

Our findings indicate that an antioxidant beverage containing physiological active concentrations of caffeine and chlorogenic acid (CGA) for prevention body fat accumulation in vivo and possessing acceptable sensorial properties may be prepared using a patented extract of CS as main ingredient [2].

Results were comparable to those observed for a commercial nutritional supplement based on green coffee beans. Moreover, our results support that the use of CS for obtaining bioactive extract is an innovative way for revalorization of coffee by-products.

[1] Murthy, P.S., Madahava Naidu M. Sustainable management of coffee industry by-products and value addition. A review.Resour. Conserv.Recycl.2012,66, 45– 58. [2] del Castillo, M.D. et al. Application of products of coffee silverskin in anti-ageing cosmetics and functional food. WO2013/004873, 10th January 2013.

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